Post-War Afterparty

by Joel Moore

Born of yet another failed attempt at musical collaboration with a dangerously sized ego in the form of a Pro-Union liberal pinko marxist wanna-be Springstein, Post-War Afterparty sought to cleanse Joel's mind of the detour that was to be his last reason to go outside for a long, long time.

Agoring himself away in a luxury-priced tenement in Queens he put down the mic for the better part of 2010 and 2011 in exchange for focus on the pen and his long neglected need to assemble his poetry into book form. He wrote infrequently though when it came it was dense and immense. Joel refers to the period directly after this collection of songs as the "resignation year(s)".

Several very shitty things happened in a row sending Joel into a period of despair. He proudly declares now that "if I must suffer at least it's not the cheap self-inflicted by choice in boredom kind that's so commonly en vogue with most misguided musician types. At least what came upon me, I didn't do it to myself like some teenage asshole attention-addict."

We're just very glad you're back.