Pour La Femme

by Joel Moore

The album that Joel dubbed, "the hell that is, other people..." Pour La Femme was years in the making and sadly still never made it to press. Several versions of this album were assembled and disassembled and squished into EP's and demo's for labels but alas nothing could put Humpty Dumpty together in the end.

We hesitate even now to try to list tracks here that may or may not have made the final cut on this ill-fated LP. Joel's persistent challenge was keeping a band together and he had hope the move to Nashville in 06 was to be the change that was needed to pull it off. But where NYC was too ambitious to connect to anyone for any length of time Nashville was too lazy to get any serious work done. In some of the old production notes we found that because "Pros & Cons" never saw a proper release Joel once considered releasing it and "Pour La Femme" as a double album.