Joel Moore is...


a writer and performing songwriter that has been recording and producing his original material since his first recordings in mid 1996. Having begun as a guitarist at the age of 12 (c. 1987), Joel eventually met up with other musicians and as they do, bands formed and bands fell apart.

He began to turn toward writing his own music and lyrics mostly out of necessity as his first band collapsed under the weight of girlfriends and career paths. He had no intent to become a working stiff and thought his only way out of his mostly unfortunate circumstances was to keep playing that guitar and as he' remembers it "when I looked around and sized it up there was nothing, nothing for me except this. So I knew I had to keep making music, to keep making something, anything..."

Over the past 20 years Joel has written songs that seem to intentionally avoid boundary and ease of description. Genre for the most part, doesn't even seem to be a consideration. In some part due to his falling in and out with various groups and individuals, his output ranges from post-rock to math-rock to noise punk and soundscape-ish instrumental meandering to Dylan-esque lyricism over cheap jagged guitar-rock to religious hymnal and even plain ole soft-country ballad. To say he's all over the place is an understatement. Though one would never try to tag him predictable.

Though he never recorded or released a proper studio album, he made obsessive efforts to record his material with whatever technology he could get his hands on. Eventually he learned how to produce well enough to get a piece recorded on 4-track or 8-track or in many cases a 1-take dictaphone cassette recorder. His concern was more for getting it recorded for posterity than proper production initially. But if time allowed and the equipment was available, he would put in the time to generate a decent demo of how he might have gone about it in a studio with a band and a real producer given the chance.


This site is going to try to break down Joel's various periods of productivity into categories and time periods where his output was relatively similar enough to have culled an album. And in some instances he was able to put certain collections of songs together as album pieces with artwork and other meta, which we will attempt to recreate here whenever possible. Whenever possible we will seek to recreate his choices of his arrangements from his catalogue as accurately as possible. Otherwise we will just listen and determine what material we think belongs together.


Unless otherwise noted, all songs were written, recorded, performed, engineered, edited & produced by Joel. In most cases, especially early on, the circumstance surrounding the recordings included terribly unaccommodating environments and astronomical technical challenges that Joel was forced to learn his way through while attempting to bring his art to life in the best way he knew how at the time. Obviously over time he got better and acquired better tools and his material began to feel more radio-ready as a result of those improvements. However, a great deal of his charm and many of his fans interest lies in the lo-fi nature of his hi-fi dreams.


So without further ado, sit back, hit play and enjoy the ride...