The Fly Ghost's Message

Passing Through



Delta 1843

The Strength Of A Man


To A Passenger

The Problem

The Breaking Of A Door-To-Door Salesman

Human Resources

To Heir Is You, Man


Another Day In Paradise

The Men From The Boys

The Assassination Of The Precedent

The Silent Brigade

When Ears Just Wont Do

The Big Bang

Keep On The Sunnyside

The City That Never Wakes

Love Letter To A Universe

Hotel Blues

New Guinea Jersey Pigs

Sympathy For The Garbageman

The Trouble With Waking Up_or_Stiff Joints

Broke-Ass, Kicked Out Blooz

Down For The Count

The People Are Revolting

The Blissful Headless Hordes

The New American Pledge of Allegiance

WTF Do You Know About The Magna-Carta?

John 812

My Terrifying Election

Oh Sweet Child, Why You So Troubled?




The Torment Of Peace

Life Without You

Hot Shower

A Brief Encounter With The Christ On 9th St.

On Sings The Night

Grateful Dead


How Dare You

I Always Wanted A House Of My Own

Creepy-Ass Crakka

Extremeophile Dinner Party_or_Shouldn't I Be Indicating...

Slow To A Crawl

The Book Of Joel


Hot Off The Ancient Rare-Book Press

An Unfinished Thought

The Big Score

British Imperialism...


The Inevitable Me

Joel Moore

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