n his twenties

several attempts were made

at turning himself into a product,

since the citizenry appeared to require

a certain amount of recognizable packaging

before they could be bothered

to afford any attention

to the contents of a given thing.


He dressed himself a few times

in various shrink-wrapped suits

and occasionally tried on

some press-kit boots

and once even went so far as to ask his soul

to think about coming up with a Facebook username.


But no matter how hard he tried;

his efforts to get the privies* to notice,

to spread his butter onto gatekeeper toast,

to serve his bacon out onto the breakfast tables of the wide readership,

he eventually could no longer ignore

the nagging echo of Ecclesiastes 1:9.


Reluctantly settling back into his inheritance,

he took jobs for the check,

for as long as they could last.

As each situation consumed undeservingly

his dwindling give-a-fucks, his reserve tank of gas.

While his "now" kept on melting

his arctic ice-cap days fast,

and those that might be to come

were outgrown by those that passed.


The same fright that he once knew,

the fright he once had fled,

is still very much the boss of God,

adding venom to his dread.


This bureaucratic sea of eager drones;

the incurious bland, the over-fed meds.

The punch-clock battalions of the tweet-informed;

the know-it-all-hive, the group-think heads.

The suburban jungle of soft-punk consumers;

surveillance honey for the digital Feds.

Our War-Office crafted effort-mill;

Authority apologists, the living dead.


And yet, after several years of committing his after-hours

to exhaustive study of the way of the botnet,

he was eventually able to talk his way into a desk,

assembling Fortune 500 facelifts;

salaried, remote,

via wifi.


And though the new routine is nearly as grass-blade jagged

toward his soap bubble moment of existence

as is the idea of becoming one of the other Joel Moore's on Google,

it's somehow not.


At any rate,

here I am.

At least for now.


Joel Moore

Mid South Web, 301 West Washington Street, Paris, TN, 38242

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