The Fly Ghosts Message

And that fly there on my sill
with its legs stiff
all pointing to the sky
obviously died there
trapped behind my blinds

Exactly my sentiment
of all these strange events
leading up to my
penning this down to you

It of course
struggled surely
trying to reach
what it saw so clearly
as the out side

The place where millions of years of evolution
had pitched its instinct to know certainly
"that is where I should be"

And against the invisible shield of fate
courtesy of Pella
the poor fly strived
straightway to its end
in a place where it knew it did not belong

They have been known to say
"if you work hard enough
and don't give up
you can have whatever you want out of life"

Well, I say
tell it to all the flies out there
who spend the last hours of their lives
slam dancing themselves into oblivion

Joel Moore

Mid South Web, 301 West Washington Street, Paris, TN, 38242

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